PVS International entered the banana business in Ecuador in 2017 with the aim of offering premium quality fruit to our customers worldwide. We have forged long-term relationships with producers and customers, and leveraged our extensive shipping contacts in order to secure competitive freights to ensure that the fruit arrives in the best condition.


    • Banana bunches are harvested and transported to the packing plant on rails

    • Quality inspectors measure thickness and length, and check for softness, bugs, marks and other issues

    • Banana hands are cut, visually classified, and put in a pool for cleaning

    • Another inspection is carried out, defects are cut out, and the bananas go into another pool

    • The last step is the fumigation before the labelling, packing, and loading


  • Commodity : Green Fresh Premium Bananas
  • Brand : I Love Bananas / Mega Fruit
  • Variety : Cavendish
  • Class : 1
  • Country of Origin : Ecuador
  • Min. Length : 8 Inches or 20cm
  • Box type 1 : 208, 13.5 Kg Net
  • Box type 2 : 22XU 19.5 kg Net

Special Care:

    • The growing bunches are covered with bags to protect from insects and environmental hazards

    • Protectors are placed between the hands while the bananas are growing

  • Every 7 weeks tiny fingers are removed in order to allow the other fingers to grow more succesfully
  • Every 8 weeks a selection is done where only one of the banana plants from each family is allowed to grow so that it gets all the nutrients